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December 3, 2008

Amazing Online Profits- Your Website Needs Some Planning(Part Four)

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Now that you’ve decided on your hot target market and picked the product that you want to sell, it’s time to plan your website.
The first step is to choose a domain name like http://www.YourName.com.
A word of advice here.You should always pick a domain that ends in “.com”. That’s the way that most people think of business websites. Plus, some of the search engines rank .com websites higher than any other extension.
When you’re figuring out what words to use in the domain name, you may want to have a domain that’s got your business name, or your product name or your keyword focus.
Some examples:
You have a current retail business as “Manuel’s Stores”. It makes sense for you to have a site at http://www.ManuelsStores.com.
Always try to set up a different website for each different product so that each business has its own separate identity.
The only problem with of this type of domain is that it is not ideal for getting highly ranked in the search engines for the terms that people would be searching for if they were looking for the products you’re selling. The search engines give more value to websites when the domain name includes the word(s) that someone is searching for.
For a keyword search of “Make Money Online”, a website or blog with the url http://www.makemoneyonline.com would most probably rank higher than a website with the url realestatemoney.com. So that means that you might have multiple websites in the future with a different purpose for each site.
By the way, you’ll pay about $9 per year for a domain name although some places charge more. And you’ll want to be sure that your domain registrar “locks” your domain. That means that no one can move your domain to a different registrar without specific action on your part.
You’ll want to think about a few different domain names because your first choice may not yet be available. With a little bit of thinking, you’ll still be able to think of some good ones.
Don’t make yourself crazy right now with choosing a domain name. It’s more important to get started than to try and be perfect. (Note: I still haven’t gotten this kind of stuff done perfectly. I just focus on getting a lot of stuff done.)
The second step is to register for a hosting account.
In order for your website to be available for visitors, it has to be hosted on a computer (called a “server”) that’s connected to the Internet.
The cost for hosting is dependent upon the amount of services you want and the level of support available. Other factors include whether you prepay for 1 or more years or whether the hosting company supplies a complete online building solution so you don’t have to know how to create your own website. You can pay from $10 to $99 (or more) per month.
The third step in developing your website is to plan to capture the contact information from your visitors.
You probably know from your own surfing habits that you visit a lot of websites without buying on your first visit. You plan to go back, but often never do.
That’s why smart website owners entice visitors to provide their names and email addresses to join an email list. Then, you can follow up with these prospects to make them additional offers.
Most people use an autoresponder system to handle this very efficiently.
I’ll be talking more about using your autoresponder in a future message, but I wanted to make sure you had an idea of the overall plan.
When you’re designing your website, it’s primary purpose is to make sales. If you’re in business, your focus is on making money. So, your business website should be focused on making money.
The secondary purpose of your website is to capture the contact information from your visitors so you can build your email list.
When you visit most websites, you’ll find that they are not created based on these 2 concepts. That means you need to ignore the average website you see and focus only on the well-designed sites – the ones aimed at creating immediate sales. As you’re reviewing various websites, you’ll start to notice the difference. Some catch your attention and keep your interest. Others are just blah.

The overall idea of your website (and any sales messages) is summed up as A-I-D-A.
A – Attention
I – Interest
D – Desire
A – Action
You want to capture your prospect’s attention, build up his interest level to create desire and convince him to take action…now!
The most important part of your web page is your headline. Any sales page should lead off with a strong headline that captures the visitor’s attention and draws him into reading the page. If the headline fails to do this, then you don’t make a sale.
If you have a website that’s not converting visitors into buyers, then you want to test some different headline ideas. Changing your headline could result in a 700% to 1,000% increase in conversion rates.
Just so you know, “testing” is a word you’re going to hear a lot from anyone who’s a savvy marketer. While we work to develop the best presentation possible, it’s only after we invite people to visit the site and measure the results that we can truly know whether or not the idea worked.
As you develop your business, you’ll want to be continuously trying new ideas, running small tests and measuring the results. When you find something that works better than what you had previously been doing, you start using that as your “control” (the best performing sales system you’ve developed to date).
When I mention testing, you should realize that you’ll have to invest some money, but not a large fortune. Most of your tests starting out will run in the $50 to $200 range. You always test small. Then, when you find something that’s profitable, you start to ramp up your marketing.
When you first set up your website and start testing, don’t panic if you don’t immediately make huge sales with a high conversion rate. Actually, that rarely happens even for me or other marketing experts.
Instead, run small tests and track the results. Then, take the best of those ideas, tweak them and run more small tests. You operate with a low risk level. Then, you expand your marketing after you know what works.
You assignment today is to:
1 – Choose your domain name.
2 – Set up a hosting account.
3 – Work on some ideas for great headlines.
I sincerely hope you have learnt a thing or two in planning a successful website. See you soon.
I believe in your success,
Emmanuel Olonade


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  1. Hello, you are really doing a great job here. Your content are wonderful and explanatory, easy to understand for a newbie and good for refreshing the minds of the “pros”. I really love your concept. God bless you. Together in success, Oke Timothy

    Comment by Oke Timothy — December 4, 2008 @ 10:53 pm | Reply

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